About Jimmy Mastri

About Jimmy Mastri


Currently I am the only technician of this business. I grew up in Connecticut and started working in the appliance industry during my sophomore year of High School. I worked for 2 reputable CT appliance repair companies that offered me great training in both the technical sense and professionalism. I moved to North Carolina for a year where I worked for the #1 rated Whirlpool factory service company for customer service in the nation.  After deciding that my business up here was a more fulfilling time, I moved back north. May of 2013 I decided to open up Mastri Appliance. I now have 8 years of experience and can offer the same high quality work you’d expect from other reputable companies at a lower cost to you. On top of running this business I am attending school as a full time student so I can further my knowledge in doing right by my clients. Instead of calling a big box store and getting a random technician who might have a plumbing background, you can call me, an appliance repair technician. My phone is on 24/7 in any case of emergency work (busted water line and such) and you will always know who is coming to do the work for you.

Truly Yours,

Jimmy Mastri

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